ANUW Mentoring Progam

Welcome to the ANUW Mentoring Program at Northwestern University!

ANUW Mentoring is a mentor/mentee matching program that provides an opportunity to network, gain skills, and build deeper partnerships with other Northwestern women. During the mentorship program, both mentors and mentees will share experiences, build knowledge, and strengthen the Northwestern staff community. This program is entering its fifth year and has a history of creating strong mentoring partnerships and providing fun and effective networking opportunities for its participants. Many of the program’s past participants have valued their mentoring experience and have continued to meet with their mentoring partner after the official program cycle has ended.

What is mentoring?
Mentoring is a caring, sharing, and supportive, one-on-one relationship with a focus on the enhancement of the mentee’s personal and professional growth and skill development. It creates a setting for instant help and advice. Mentoring offers insight into a variety of issues, and it is the sharing of expertise, values, skills, and perspectives.

Want to know more?
This website is filled with information about the program, the benefits of mentoring, what to expect when you apply, and yes, there are lots of fun events and activities too!