Mentoring is an exciting opportunity to bring women together, to learn from one another, to network, to grow, and to further develop personal and professional skills.

Mentoring requires:

  • Asking thoughtful and thought-provoking questions
  • Practice active listening
  • Role-modeling behavior
  • Providing objective feedback and guidance
  • Critical thinking
  • Facilitating self-reflection and self-development
  • Passion to support the growth of another person
  • Time, energy, and enthusiasm


  • Help another and satisfaction of seeing mentee succeed
  • Opportunity to share your professional experiences, insights and lessons learned
  • Help mentee avoid pitfalls and improve skills
  • Increase awareness of workplace and staff issues
  • Expand your own professional network
  • Increase active listening skills
  • Just plain “feeling good!”
  • Recognition and appreciation
  • Knowledge of good mentoring techniques to use in future relationships
  • Gain further insights/alternative perspectives about the University as a whole

Expectations of ANUW Mentors

    • Share your career story 
    • Listen and ask probing questions
    • Share relevant examples and stories about workplace realities and challenges
    • Help create goals (skill and developmental) for the relationship
    • Share relevant examples of competencies – ask questions
    • Discuss progress and pitfalls
    • Celebrate successes
    • Evaluate the relationship
    • View the relationship as a mutual exchange or a partnership where both parties benefit