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Applications are now closed for the 2018 Mentoring Program Cohort.

Apply To Be A Mentor
  • Mentor Application - Now Closed
  • Mentee Application - Now Closed
How to Prepare
When you apply, be prepared to answer the following:
  • Summarize your interest in being a mentor or a mentee.
  • What skills would you like to gain and/or contribute to a mentor relationship?
What’s Next?

The ANUW Mentoring Program Committee reviews each application for eligibility. There is no limit of mentor or mentee participants in each annual application cycle. However, the amount of selected mentor/mentee pairings for each application cycle will be determined by the number of accepted applicants participating as mentors. This means that if mentee applicants out-number the available mentors, some mentees will not able to participate and will need to wait for the next annual application cycle.

All applicants will be notified by email in early March of their status in the program.

Choosing a Mentor

After the application closes, Mentees will be provided a link to a webpage that will contain information about the participating mentors for the program. Mentees will have the opportunity to review each mentor application and submit their top three choices to the ANUW Mentoring Program Committee. Every effort will be made to accommodate the mentee’s desired choice, but it is not guaranteed.

Final selection will be determined by the ANUW Mentoring Program Committee and will be based upon of a combination of the mentee’s desired choice, areas of interest as well as the mentor's corresponding expertise.

Questions regarding the application can be directed