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2014 Mentor Profiles

Welcome to the ANUW Mentoring Program! Below you will find a list of the mentors participating in this year’s program.  You have the opportunity to review each mentor profile and submit your top three choices to the ANUW Mentoring Program Committee by Thursday, March 13, 2014. Every effort will be made to accommodate your desired choice, but it is not guaranteed. This opportunity is optional and not required for getting matched in this year’s program.

Final selection will be determined by the ANUW Mentoring Program Committee and will be based on a combination of your desired choice, areas of interest, as well as the mentor's corresponding expertise.


Review the mentor profiles by clicking on the names below. When you are ready, please indicate your first, second, and third choices at the bottom of this page and click the SUBMIT button.  If, for any reason, you see the name of a mentor that you would rather not be paired with (e.g. former boss, co-worker, family member), please indicate that name as well.

If you have any questions, please contact

Emily Anderson
Aspasia Apostolakis Miller
Brittany Barden
Susan Black
Erika Carey
Sheri Carsello
Jill Corr
Patty FitzGibbons
Susan Held
Julie Johnson
Maureen Knight-Burrell
Sheneen Landry
Meg McDonald
Nancy McLaughlin
Michelle Melin-Rogovin
Sharlene Mielke
Kristen Oliszewicz
Mary Tell

Choose Your Mentor 2014