Aspasia Apostolakis Miller

Director of Change Management, Office of Change Management


12 years of service at NU


My interest in being a mentor

The main motivation I have is that I enjoy the reciprocity of sharing knowledge and experiences with another person.  This requires listening, objectivity, and open mind, and the belief that we have all we need inside of us. Sometimes a second person can help us tap into our talents, overcome obstacles, see things in a new light, provide encouragement, and inspire us to action.


My personal interests and hobbies

Books and movies about social issues that we face in our country, singing, creating life story narratives and videos, and the encore career movement that inspires people in the second of life to do pro-social work.


My career experience

·         Retail marketing, 5 years

·         Human resources in retail and insurance industries, 15 years

·         Alumni relations in higher education, 12 years

·         Volunteer management, 18 years

·         Change management , 15 years


My skills to share

·         Verbal communications

·         Presentation skills

·         Written communication

·         Initiative

·         Problem-solving

·         Analyzing issues

·         Strategic thinking

·         Decision making

·         Influencing/persuasion

·         Relationship building

·         Negotiation

·         Planning

·         Organizing

·         Creativity

·         Resilience

·         Northwestern University organizational knowledge

·         Interoffice dynamics

·         Managing others


I’m willing to travel between campuses