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2017 ANUW Mentoring Program Guidelines

  • By completing and submitting the application, an applicant is committing to participate in the ANUW Mentoring Program.  
  • An applicant may participate in only one mentoring partnership per program cycle. For example, a participant may be a mentee one year, and a mentor the next, but not participate in two mentoring partnerships at the same time.
  • Any information you include in your application may be viewed by the committee and mentees of the ANUW Mentoring Program.
  • The ANUW Mentoring Committee will review all submitted applications for completeness and verification of current ANUW membership. If an applicant is not a current ANUW member, she will be notified and will be given the chance to become a member so that she will be able to participate in the ANUW Mentoring Program.
  • All applications submitted cannot be guaranteed a place in the mentoring program. The number of selected mentor/mentee pairings will be determined by the number of participating mentors. This means that if mentee applicants out-number the available mentors, some applicants will need to wait for the next annual application cycle. 
  • Mentees will be given the opportunity to review profiles of the mentor applicants and name their top three choices. She may also indicate if one of the mentors would not be a good fit, e.g., former hiring manager, colleague, family member.
  • Mentees are not guaranteed one of their top three choices.  Final selections will be determined by the ANUW Mentoring Program Committee and will be based upon a combination of the mentee’s desired choice, areas of interest as well as the mentors’ corresponding expertise. 
  • Mentors and mentees of the ANUW Mentoring Program are not required to, nor should be expected to, find new career positions for one another. Using your mentor or mentee as a “recruiter” is not a fair expectation of the partnership.  
  • Contact between program participants before official final match notification is discouraged.
  • During the course of the mentoring program, if one party needs to terminate the relationship, you agree to abide by the decision of the other party.   By entering the program you agree to a no fault conclusion in the mentoring relationship.  
  • By participating in the ANUW Mentoring Program, I allow ANUW Mentoring to use photos, survey data, or application responses to promote ANUW and/or ANUW Mentoring.